Urban West is a real estate development and investment firm adopting and implementing a design, community and environmentally conscious approach to each project we engage.

Versatility and Experience

With over 70 years of collective experience in many real estate practices and asset classes, our principals possess a deep yet diverse understanding of how to thrive in flourishing and flailing markets. Our portfolio and resume covers entitlement, development, investment, consulting, marketing, management, brokerage and finance. Our comprehensive seasoning allows us to adapt to changing market conditions and carve out opportunities predicated by what economic realities present.

Innovation and Efficiency

Our decision making structure and staffing is streamlined. As a result we can react to opportunities with fluid speed and thorough due diligence. Due to our small size we are forced to approach opportunities with an innovative, creative, knowledge based thought process that is becoming unique to markets dominated by an institutional investment presence. Our decision to keep our company efficient demands that we select consultants, partners and service providers that share our ethics, creativity and track record, and possess highly specialized skill sets.

Dedication to Values

We are proud of our reputation as ethical, socially and environmentally responsible members of both the real estate community and society at large. We ferociously protect this reputation by not only considering the financial factors of every opportunity we examine, but also the environmental and social impacts we may have on the communities we will serve. We hold our financial success in equal regard to maintaining positive relationships with financial institutions, municipalities, consultants, vendors, partners, communities, our families and ourselves. Our relationships as well as our projects have flourished as a direct result of living by and acting in accordance with our core values of integrity, accountability and service. These serve as our guide as well as our legacy.


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